Brandnertal, Vorarlberg Austria



Looking for a nice holiday destination in nature? The most western point of Austria – the Vorarlberg state – is a great place for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers, and, in particular the Brandnertal. You can enjoy walking along with a mountain breakfast or enjoying a phenomenal view of the highest peak of the Rätikon. Brandnertal Austria have many hiking trails, These are very well described in all available maps that are available (brandnertal tourismus) everywhere in the Brandnertal. In the movie here bellow you can see some shots from the Brandnertal Bergbahnen.



It may then be a slightly lesser part of Austria, the small state of Vorarlberg has surprisingly much to offer. Nature is very different here. The landscape around Lake Constance, in the protected nature reserve Rheindelta, is extensive and flat. In the higher regions, it is right back up and down, through meadows and forests, rivers and streams. And high in the mountains, up to three thousand meters, it’s breathtaking views, sometimes accessible by cable car or by special routes, sometimes with special arrangements such as a walk during dawn and a mountain breakfast.


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