Mürren Switzerland

Mürren is a traditional Walser mountain village in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland, at an elevation of 1,638 metres (5,374 ft) above sea level and it cannot be reached by public road. It is also one of the popular tourist spots in Switzerland, and summer and winter are the seasons when Mürren becomes busy with the tourists; the village features a view of the… Read More Mürren Switzerland

Haslital – Switzerland

The Oberhasli district (or Haslital) is a hirstorical Landvogtei or Talschaft in the Bernese Higlands, Switzerland, bordering on the cantons of Obwalden, Nidwalden, Uri and Wallis. However Haslital is a geographical term and designates only the major vally of the Aare and does not designates the many sidevalleys, such as the Gadmertal, Ürbachtal, Gental, Reichenbachtal. The… Read More Haslital – Switzerland